Steinn Steinarr

9. Hlídarhús

By the Innra-Skardsá river, sometimes called Skarká, are the remains of the farm at Hlídarhús. In The Book of Farms there are mentioned remains of another farm, Gardar, and it is said that there was once a church there, near Kirkjusteinar and Kirkutungur. It is thought that an avalanche destroyed the farm that was there, which was further in than the Hlídarhúsabær farm. The Gardarbryggja pier leads out to sea from there.

The Innra-Skardsá river drops off a cliff above the farm, making the Möngufoss falls, named for Galdra-Manga or Margrét Thórdardóttir, wife of the pastor at Snæfjöll, who was acquitted of witchcraft at Thingvellir in 1662 and spent her final years living at Lónseyri. The last residents of Hlídarhús were Egill Jónsson and Gudrún Thórdardóttir. Egill and his family moved to the Arnardalur valley and later to Kambsnes in Súðavík parish in the summer of 1932. By then all the houses were in poor condition. There was a turf farm with a loft, and another smaller one; the house stood a little in from the river, just below the bridge. Years before, around the turn ot the 20th century, there were three or four farms or empty buildings at Hlídarhús, but no one lived there after that. The brothers at Ædey gathered hey several summers at Hlídarhús after it became deserted; the land was part of the property at Ædey.


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