Steinn Steinarr

5. The swimming pool of the youth group Ísafold

The youth group Ísafold took on a number of projects in the 1930s, among them building a swimming pool at Dalur, near Heimstafell mountain. The pool was layered with stones and had a wooden drain; the dressing rooms on the other hand were of concrete, and their remains still stand. When approaching the pool from Dalur, two rivers need to be crossed, Thverá and Rjúkandi. But when heading in from Bćir, there is only a single ford on Dalsá river, at Fremri-Krókar below Gunnarsvördufoss falls. Swimming classes were held at the pool for at least 4 or 5 summers, and there were always about 10-20 people at these classes, mostly children from 8-16 years old, but also older teenagers and even adults. The teachers there were Kristján Júlíusson from Bolungarvík, Engilbert Gudmundsson from Lónseyri, Tryggvi Halldórsson of Nedribćr and Arnthrúdur Sigurdardóttir of Hćrribćr. The students took turns in the pool for short spells at a time, because it was so cold, but went often each day and took part in games in between to warm up.


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