Steinn Steinarr

4. Lyngholt

Ingvar ┴sgeirsson built the new farm Lyngholt in the BŠir area in 1935; he and midwife Salbj÷rg Jˇhannsdˇttir moved in on January 4, 1936. The main room at Lyngholt was rented by the district from 1936 to 1947 as a schoolroom. The teacher was Jˇhann Hjaltason; Salbj÷rg taught handicrafts as well as serving as midwife for the whole Strandir area. Salbj÷rg lived many years alone at Lyngholt, leaving in 1986 when she was quite elderly. A horse trail lay along the banks beneath Lyngholt, the place was called PÚtursmřri in those days. The trail was cleared in the spring, able men from each farm came with shovels and took about 10-metre sections each, all in a row, moving away rocks and fixing the path. The trail went in along the banks of GilsvÝk bay and then along the rocky area where the airport is now. Further into BŠir the trail followed the banks to B˙darnes, from where it lay mostly alongside the sea.

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