Steinn Steinarr

26. H÷fdi

There were ten people living at H÷fdi in 1703, by 1801 there was one more; at that time there were two farms at H÷fdi. In Jardabˇk the church at Stadur is named as the owner of this land. The farm at H÷fdi is by a bay called H÷fdabˇt. In the bay there is a vertical rock called Sˇlarlagssteinn (Sunset Rock); seen from the farm, the sunset at the autumn equinox cuts across it. The BŠjarß river runs across the field to the sea; its source is at Hestur, from there the view is good over the southern part of the J÷kulfirdir fjords. A short way from BŠjarß is the so-called Sorgarhylur at UrridalŠkur brook. It is said that a young child drowned there as it was looking for its mother who was herding sheep. Above the brook is the Gvendarbrunnar well, which never froze, according to Rebekka Pßlsdˇttir who grew up at H÷fdi, living later at Dynjandi and BŠir on the SnŠfjallastr÷nd coast. Rebekka was the daughter of Pßll Halldˇrsson and Steinunn Jˇhannsdˇttir who lived at H÷fdi in the early part of the 20th century, and before that at BŠir at SnŠfjallastr÷nd. There descendants were the final residents at H÷fdi before it was abandoned in 1956.


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