Steinn Steinarr

23. Stadareyrar

Under the middle slopes of StadarhlÝd were some fishing outposts in the 19th century, and into the 20th. There are lots of ruins to be found there. Around 1900 the fishing community in and around GrunnavÝk was blooming, as it was on the outer SnŠfjallastr÷nd coast. The fishing outposts were abandoned soon after motorized fishing boats came into common use. Around 1800 the numbers at the new farms in GrunnavÝk were on the rise. In 1801 seven people were listed as living at Bjarnarhˇll and five at Eyjˇlfshˇll in GrunnavÝkursveit. Bjarnarhˇll was on the same side of the river as Stadur, across from Faxastadir; Eyjˇlfshˇll was within the fence at Stadur, in front of the farmhouse. Both of these farms appeared to be new at the beginning of the 19th century, but they were deserted early on, as the names don't appear in the 1816 census. The rental land Hjallat˙n is mentioned in the land listing Jardartal Johnsens, and was considered to have been first lived on in 1805. Kumlß was added to the group shortly afterwards.


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