Steinn Steinarr

19. Sætún

In the 1816 census there are six people registered as living at Sætún, which was clearly a new farm at that time. Sætún was for a while a rental from Stadur, but Pastor Kjartan Kjartansson at Stadur, who built the first concrete house in the Grunnavík area in 1906, sought to sell the Sætún land parcel a year later. The promissory note on the house was falling on the people who had underwritten it; the matter ended with the store in Ísafjördur which had sold the material for the house sent men to Grunnavík to rip the boards out of the house which hadn't been paid for. Pastor Jónmundur Halldórsson who arrived next at Stadur let the house be reframed; there was a school run at the house while he was there, the house got the name Steinhúsid. Hallgrímur Jónsson moved there with his family from Dynjandi in 1952. Hagalín jakobsson, who had lived from a while at Steinhúsid, built a wooden house to the north named Sætún II, or Efra-Sætún. Hallgrímur bought a jeep and built a garage at Sætún, even thought the road wasn't very long, and it was clear it wouldn't be getting much longer. He also tried fish processing, and bought fish from the boats operating out of Grunnavík, but developments worked against him. Hallgrímur and his family were among the final inhabitants of Grunnavík, and moved to Ísafjördur in November of 1962.


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