Steinn Steinarr

18. Sútarabúdir

Sútarabúdir, which in olden times were also called Svörtubúdir or Búdir, are in the book Vilkinsmáldagi from 1397 considered to be the property of Stadarkirkja church, in 1703 Sútarabúdir were rented out from Kerlingarstadir, and was for a long time after that. In Jardabók it states that old ruins could be found there; it is said that just before 1700 a farm had been built over these ruins, which had been considered a quarter of the land at Kerlingarstadir. Four people were listed as living at Sútarabúdir both in 1703 and 1801.

Fridbjörn Helgason bought Sútarabúdir in 1914, and lived there until 1946 with his second wife, Solveig Pálsdóttir of Höfdi. Fridbjörn was one of the directors of road building at Grunnavík in the 1930s. Jakob Hagalínsson and Sigrídur Tómasdóttir bought Sútarabúdir in 1947. jakob had a small boat with his brother, Ragúel of Sætún. Jakob and Sigrídur lived at Sútarabúdir until 1962, when the settlement at Grunnavík was abandoned. At the living quarters at Sútarabúdir there is now a travel service operating in the summer.


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