Steinn Steinarr

16-17. Naust/Nes

At Nes in Grunnavíkursveit was a prayer house in the old days, and in the beginning of the eightennth century there was a small building called the prayer house. In 1703 twelve people made their home at Nes. The owner then was Sćmundur Magnússon of Hóll in Bolungarvík. He also owned Reykjarfjördur on the Strandir coast. In 1801 there were fourteen at Nes, at three farms. For the most part there there were two farms, and people spoke of Naust or Ytra-Nes on the one hand, and Innra-Nes on the other. The last inhabitants of Naust were the children of Elías Halldórsson and Engilrád Jónsdóttir; they left in 1954. At the same time they were there Kristján Jónsson and his family were at Innra-Nes. He built a fine farmhouse there in 1910 with a three-pointed roof and wooden framework. Kristján was an excellent fisherman, and owned two large rowboats along with his mother, Jónina Thóra Jónsdóttir of Sútarabúdir. He was the first one at Grunnavík to put a motor on his boat, shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Kristján's family lived at Nes into the 1940s. The final inhabitants of Nes were Grímur Finnbogason and his sister Gudrún, who moved there from the Höfdaströnd coast, and lived at Nes until 1962 when the last people abandoned Grunnavík. Above Nes lies the road to the Snćfjallaheidi heath.


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