Steinn Steinarr

15. Gullhúsá / Berurjódur / Ólafsbúd

Gullhús was the name of a low-lying turf house by the spring of the same name. Marías Jakobsson and Gudrún Jónsdóttir lived there into the 1940s. Gullhúsá was rented from Snæfjallastadur. It was a one-room building with a dirt floor. The stove was on the north side and two beds were by each wall. There was a wooden frame with a window at the southern end, where the table was. A shed with an entrance was just outside, where there was probably a small storage area. A building for the animals was just above the farm.

The farm the furthest out on Snæfjallaströnd coast is by Gullhúsá, and is called Berurjódur; it also went by the name Haflidabær. There Haflidi Gunnarsson and María Pálmadóttir lived, along with Halldóra, the daughter of Haflidi and Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, his wife who died in 1906. It was a wooden house, two stories, with a metal roof. On the lower floor was a storage area, while upstairs was the bath and cooking area. The barn was a little ways up from the house.

Gísli J. Gíslason and Gudmundína Ingimundardóttir lived in a house which earlier had been a fishing outpost of Ólafur Gíslason's, and was called Ólafsbúd. This house was on the rise beneath the ridge where Marías Jakobsson's house stood. This house was a turf farm with a wooden fram, like other houses that were there in the 1930s. The barn that they owned out by the river was wiped out in an avalanche in the winter of 1931, from which Gudmundína barely escaped. Gísli and Gudmundína moved to Ísafjördurin 1933.


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