Steinn Steinarr

13. Berjadalsá/Bjarnahús

At the Berjadalsá river lived the well-known marksman Otúel Vagnsson just before 1900. Betúel Fridrika Jónsdóttir Búsk lived in a little wooden house by the Berjadalsá river. This is where the Snæfjöll property begins. Earlier in the 20th century there were seven houses in the area from the Berjadalsá river to Íralækur brook. But this was the only house still standing at the beginning of the 1940s, as they were all little turf houses, usually with a wooden frame, a small hut and storage area by the door. Betúel had a goat he used for milking; there were no other goats anywhere in the county. Betúel moved to Ísafjördur around 1940 and the farm was torn down shortly afterward.

Bjarni Jónsson and Thórdís Arnórsdóttir lived up through 1930 at Leir in a little turf farm, Bjarnahús, which was also called Gestshús, a short way in from the Snæfjöll farm. The house had a wooden frame, with the walls and roof covering made of turf. Bjarni fished alone for a long time on a small boat, into his old age. Thórdís had become blind in her final years, but would bring in her husband's boat up to shore with a pulley on the bank.


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