Steinn Steinarr

10. Skard

Fifteen people lived at Skard in 1703, and nine at two farms in 1801. The land was part of the Snæfjöll property. The best-known resident of Skard is without a doubt Bjarni Jónsson, a folk scholar who lived there in the 17th century and copied the Jónsbók book eighteen times for his neighbours, along with rhymes, old sagas and other books, many of which he illustrated in the style of the bible Gudbrandsbiblía. Bjarni also lived for a while atTyrdilmýri.

Around 1930 jakob Kolbeinsson and Símonía Sigurdardóttir were living at Skard. In the years after 1900 there were a few farms at Ytra-Skard, at Hóltún and at Naustavík. At Naustavík the hunter Otúel Vagnsson died on September 14, 1901. By the 1930s these farms were deserted and only the remains of the walls could be seens. At Skard was a turf farm with wooden walls and a hut with a loft outside. Jakob Kolbeinsson moved to Ísafjördur in 1938. The farmers of the inner coast gathered hay at Skardstún for a few summers after that. The farm at Skard was destroyed in an avalanche in 1942 or 1943.


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